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Thanks to everyone who participated, donated, danced, etc for the Toys for Tots benefit show.  You helped to collect a bin full of toys as well as raising $878.00!  Thanks so much for your generousity of time, talent, and goodness!

I will be taking a break from teaching at Nomadic Tapestry and from performing.   Even though I have enjoyed teaching and performing, I have determined that I need to take a dance sabbatical to help me recharge.  Thanks for your support and understanding!

Panoply 2010 Performance photo...The Art of Middle Eastern Dance, or bellydancing as it is normally called, is a fun and enjoyable dance form that can be done by anyone. It is also a good form of exercise as well as an outlet of personal expression. Feel free to peruse this site as another point of information for Middle Eastern Dance related items in the Huntsville/Madison - Alabama area.

Shahala Liz is a local teacher, performer, and forever a student of this lovely art form.   Currently, Nomadic Tapestry is the only studio in Huntsville, Alabama dedicated to teaching Middle Eastern Dance and Music.  Check out their website: for full class schedules and other information.  


Elburz 2004 Performance photo...Shahala Liz Bio

So, who is Shahala Liz? Shahala Liz is a Middle Eastern Dance enthusiast located in Alabama. She resides in Madison, Alabama. She started teaching in the Spring of 2003 at Dublin Park in Madison. In 2006, she started teaching at Nomadic Tapestry: A Movement and Music Studio (formally known as The Studio) off of Jordan Lane in Huntsville. In 2008, she got the opportunity to teach classes at the YMCA and taught there until the end of 2010. She first started taking classes with Safiye in May 1999, with her first performance occuring later that same year. She has performed throughout the local area - including Panoply in Huntsville, the Renaissance Faire in Florence, and local to regional workshops.

Florence RenFaire 2004 Performance PhotoHer first teacher is Safiye and Shahala is eternally grateful for her tutelage. Shahala has also taken workshops from various teachers - which include but not limited to Hadia, Mesmera, Jasmin Jahal, Karen Barbee, Cassandra, Maresha, Wiporwil, Zenobia, Aziza Nawal, Artemis Mourat, Raqia Hassan, Margo Adbo O'dell, Farida Fahmy, Dalia Carella, Zi'ah Ali, Mira Betz, Mahmoud Reda - and continues to learn through videos when a workshop is not available. Her main influences have been Beledi Club members - Bachiva, Lissa, Natira, and of course Safiye.

Shahala is a former member of the Beledi Club of Huntsville, and was also a performer within Nalah Caravanserai, Lumani, and an honorary member of the Rainbow Dancers. She has done special performances under the troupe names: Mahasin Heyama, Jungle Mambettes, Mom and Babe-ettes, and The Black Sheep. She has performed special duets with Batya, Natira, Rashana, Safiye and Zenobia. With all the performances, Shahala hoped to bestow a sense of joy and happiness with her well as showcase her sense of humor in her style and persona.

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